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download v0.9.5.2 (zip archive, size: 419kB, date: 15 March 2011 10:32:29)

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NetMaker is free for educational, scientific, home and any other non-profit purposes. You may redistribute it (free!), but it's better idea to distribute the link to this page, where the manual and the newest version is always up to date.

Sources are available on the e-mail request (also free). You may modify it for your own use, but you may not redistribute modified version (if you like, send me your contribution and I will include it in the next version of NetMaker). Also you should distribute the link to this page instead of redistributing unmodified sources. If you want to use some parts of NetMaker code in your freeware application - you must include a notification about the author, which part of NetMaker code was used and where it came from (link to this page).

You may not: sell the executables, sources, content of the manual (images, text, example files available on this web site) or any part of it; redistribute them without notification about the author; redistribute modified version of the NetMaker (sources or executables).

Please, contact me if you need another terms of use.

Installation notes:

  • NetMaker is written in C# and requires Framework.NET 3.5 or greater installed in your system (most likely you've got it already);
  • download zip archive with the latest version of NetMaker;
  • unpack it to an empty folder; you will see executable: NetMaker.exe, two library files: ANNLibs.dll, SVM.dll, and license files.
  • run NetMaker.exe.
  • ANNLibs.dll file contains SSE optimized functions (C/asm code called from NetMaker.exe) - NetMaker detects if your processor supports this instruction set, but if you experience any problem that you feel is related to these optimizations, or you just want to run pure C# code - simply rename or delete ANNLibs.dll.
  • SVM.dll contains Support Vector Machines library code (SVM.NET, C# port of LIBSVM).
  • Try one of the earlier versions if the latest version is not stable or contains bugs.