According to the Statute, the aims of the Foundation is to:

support dissemination of research, teaching and organization results in the areas of microwave and antenna technology, radars, radiocommunications and related domains;

support the exchange of knowledge and experience between people working in these domains.

The statute aims are implemented by:

organizing MIKON (International Conference on Microwave, Radar and Wireless Communications) series of conferences as well as other conferences, especiallly in the framework of Microwave and Radar Week in Poland;

initiating, sponsoring and co-sponsoring other conferences, symposia and meetings which serve the abovementioned aims;

organizing competitions and contest promoting research;

sponsoring research grants and awards.


Nowowiejska 15/19; 00-665 Warsaw; Poland
Phone: +48 22 234 7622;
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VAT Reg. No.: PL 7010485008
Fundacja Mikrofal i Radiolokacji "MIKON"
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NIP 7010485008
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Under auspicies of
Polish Academy of Sciences

Microwave and Radiolocation Foundation